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Back to the 40s

Back to the 40s

Danville is one-of-a kind airplane hangar turned into 1940s mini-town on a 25-acre property in Geneva, Florida.

The former contractor, Dan O'Shaw, who clearly has a passion for nostalgia built this incredible, and maybe for some tastes over-the-top 3,000-square-foot room, a short one hundred yards away from his impressive four- bedroom, five-bathroom estate.

While Danville sits on 25 acres of gorgeous landscaping, the true beauty of this space lies in what can’t be seen. The front of the home can be completely transformed with the push of a button. Dan O’Shaw engineered the mechanism for the huge garage door himself. It weighs about 2 tons and costs 25 thousand dollars. The whole wall lifts up, so more room can be opened up for nightly gatherings. When Dan wanted to create the ultimate space where he and his wife Debby can host gatherings for friends and family, he decided to build an unforgettable 40s-teamed mini-town. The spectacular space holds an Irish-style pub, called O'Shaw, a two-bedroom hotel with a custom kitchen and an in-door theater with a 15-by-15-foot movie screen that can host up to 150 people. 

Danville is decorated mostly with unique mid-century decorations. A lot of the things came from a place called Rosie O’Gradys, which was located in downtown Orlando for many years; it was a great party place. 

Adding authenticity to Danville are midcentury antiques, period-appropriate street lights and phones, windows from an old house in St. Augustine from the 1920s.

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